April 24, 20– (Derek)

I think I’m dream jumping. I don’t know if it’s part of my Actuary gift or if I’m just losing my freakin’ mind. I mean, who can actually put themselves in somebody else’s dream? That’s crazy, right?

Anyhow, last night, when I slept over at Jesse’s apartment, I dreamed about family crap, and this whole mess going on with Cheyenne. God, don’t get me started. But then I started dreaming about my brother and this woman. They were eating somewhere, but why would I be dreaming about them eating? That’s why I think it might have been Jesse’s dream. He acted like he knew her. The weird thing is that when they got up to leave, I followed the woman, not my brother.

sensual longhair brunette in white, studio shotShe was beautiful, but so sad. And that’s the other weird thing. I knew how she felt. Even in the dream, her sadness hit me like a punch to the gut.

I followed her for a while, and we didn’t go to normal places. First we were in an apartment, then in a backyard with music and lots of people, like a party. We ended up in an open area. It was dark and there was a huge bonfire burning, lighting the yard. That’s when the dream started fading out and the neighbor next door left and slammed the door so hard I woke up.

Is she important? I don’t know. But I’ll hang on to the sketch just in case.

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