Character Blog Update…

So, my characters have really been talking to me and, to satisfy them, I share their words in their character blogs. Everything so far has been outside the scope of the novels (which tell their whole story). These little bits I share with you in their blogs are the missing pieces, the tiny strings that tie their lives together and give you some insight into who they are “as people” so to speak.

Understand that just like friends who talk to you on a daily basis, to a writer characters are friends. They beg to be heard and want to share with others the reasons for why they do what they do. They seem to get their feelings hurt when they think they’re not being listened to; hence the hours I spend in my room, on my computer, writing down the details of their stories, (especially for NaNoWriMo). And they are most happy when they have a captive audience that wants to hear all the minutiae of their lives.

Feel free to leave comments or ask questions–Tara or Derek one, or both, will answer.

~Be blessed.

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