Here’s a sign…

Sometimes I feel like I’ve become a little obsessed with my characters and their lives, but considering that I’ve spent three years transcribing their stories, I feel justified.

I believe in signs. I’ve written posts on here about how my granny still contacts me through dropped change. And I believe that when I see something like this…

I hope my readers are, too.

I hope my readers are, too.

…it means I’m going in the right direction on my life path–to continue interacting with my characters and share their stories. My main character, Derek Williams, constantly leaves me little hints that he wants my attention. This is the most recent–a tag on a shirt I saw at the Goodwill Thrift Store.

I didn’t buy the shirt, but I did come home and spend some time working out a scene in Spirit: The Elan Series Prequel involving Derek and his brother Joey. The novella, which will go free immediately once it’s published, should be ready for distribution in three weeks. Then I can feel justified in releasing the other two books in the series without them being out of order.

Stay tuned for further publication updates. And continue to love Derek.


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