Learning a New Skill…

…and Despising an Old One

I’m starting a new weekly post where I share something from the week that was magical, that caused me to pause in awe, made me think, or was in some way spiritual, and mundane, routine, ordinary, even boring.  I’m cleverly titling it: The Magical and the Mundane.

I’m using this new feature to 1) post more on my site and 2) to point out the magic that mingles with the  meh everyday. It is a rare day when I am not stopped by some random sight that moves my spirit in such a way that I can’t help but proclaim (at least silently) that magic exists in this world.

So, here’s my first post:

The Magical–

I taught myself how to make 3D book covers using PSP. I know that doesn’t sound magical, but the feeling I get when I master a new skill is the same kind of rush that I get from being in the presence of the Divine. My body warms, my heart expands with joy, and a buzzing resonates through me.

Here’s my cover. Looks good for a self-taught graphic designer, don’t you think?

Can't you just smell that new book smell?

Can’t you just smell that new book smell?

And the Mundane–

I had to force myself to write lesson plans for the week. I HATE writing lesson plans. I know they’re useful and necessary, but they are soooo tedious. Just the thought of spending an hour (or longer) of my Sunday afternoon preparing a week’s worth of anything makes me want to wretch.

Thank goodness Thanksgiving break is just around the corner.

So, what brings you joy? What do you find magical in your everyday life? Or is there anything you do that is just so tedious you’d rather listen to howler monkeys arguing?

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