“Whisper,” the poem

In honor of the soon-to-be released novella Whisper, here is a poem by the same title written by my alter-ego, Anna-Francesca Ricci–the inspiration for my story:



Be with me in the quiet solitude;

The whispered hush of silent desire;

Be with warm, flushed skin–angel-hued

As the flame of a fire;

Be with me in sorrow,

Recall, faith and longing of lost tomorrows.


Oh, desire to calm, to quiet, to quell,

That would set us again, as before, in Bliss,

To drink and love from a bottomless well;

Where weary souls reminisce

And listen for the vow

That promises forever, but won’t allow.


Yes, be with me as this desire burns,

Sets my soul afire tho’ my breath halts;

Be with me, yet, in this restrained desire that yearns

For the fiery touch, the look, it exalts:

Warm, soft, feather soft,

The one I think of, beloved, think of oft.

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