April 10, 2010 (Derek)

April 10, 2010

So, here’s what happened about that Josh thing…I texted Doraleigh and told her I needed to talk to her about some weird shit that went on in Chemistry that day.  I expected her to call me or text me or something, but instead she shows up at work, at the garage.  And that’s not really unusual, because she stops by Uncle James’s and Aunt Janelle’s all the time, and their house is right behind the garage…But I’m getting’ off topic.  So, anyway, I explain to her the whole deal about the Chemistry class, and that freaky feelin’ over Josh, and it stoppin’ once I refocused on Cheyenne.  And in the middle of my story I get that same freaky feelin’, all hot and excited, except this time it is over Benji, Uncle James’s full-time mechanic that is not a member of the family.

So, again, I’m like ‘what the hell!’ And I’m ready to tell Doraleigh all about it when I look over at her and she’s watchin’ Benji roll out on the creeper from under the truck he’s workin’on.  So, I say “Dori, you got a thing for Benji?”  And she says, “What are you talkin’ about?”  And I’m like, “I just got that weird feelin’ again.  Like the one I had for Josh, but this time it was for Benji.  And that’s just gross!”

At first, her eyes squenched up all worried-like, and her mouth frowned, then suddenly her whole face lit up and she looked at me with these huge eyes.  “Oh, my god, DJ,” she said.  “I was just thinkin’ how cute Benji is.  And I think you picked up on it.”

So, I’m like, “What are you talkin’ about?”  I have no clue.  Me into Benji?  Whatever.  Like I said, I’m no homo.  So, I repeat myself, “What the hell are you talkin’ about?”

“You might have a gift, DJ.  Like me and Dianne.”  Dori was all excited, and her mouth ran a mile a minute, about all kinds of things, but all I could focus on was “a gift…” like her.  So, I’m thinkin’, if this is a gift, I want to return it and get something better, because I don’t want to keep havin’ these sexual feelin’s for guys!

“No way!  Un-uh, Dori!  I do not want it, not if I have feelin’s for dudes!”  I’m like freakin’ out over that and Dori tells me that she’s gonna ask Uncle James if I can leave early because I don’t feel well and she’s pretty much right about that: I feel disgusted.  I don’t want to be attracted to guys.  So I follow her to the car and…

Mom’s callin’.  Gotta go, I’ll finish later.

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