Still other projects I wish I had time for…

Well, for a while there I was on a roll. I was writing and posting once a week, then school caught up with me, and I was trying to write some on my novel. And before I knew it, it was Christmas break.

And nothing is posted yet.

So this is a weak post about what literary accomplishments I made while on my cruise…

I came up with a new series that I’d like to start sometime. Because I’ll probably never get to it with the two other series’ ideas I have bouncing around in my head, I’ll share this new thought with y’all and maybe someone else won’t jack the ideas. If they do, at least the stories will get written. With my schedule I’ll be lucky if I get my first series done.

The series I came up with on the cruise is to place the heroes (and heroines) of the Bible in modern times as teenagers and have them face common issues facing our youth today. The first story I want to write is about a sixteen –year-old girl named Mara who is institutionalized because her family believes she is mentally ill and cuts herself. She has cut marks on her arms and talks about seeing monsters that attack her. She meets an eighteen-year-old peer counselor named Jesse who realizes that Mara’s monsters are real. She isn’t mentally ill, but is being attacked by demons that only those with the gift of Sight can see. Jesse helps Mara battle the demons and frees her from her bondage. This YA novel is based loosely on the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Other heroes of the Bible whose stories I’d like to explore are David, Solomon, Moses, Ruth, and Mary, mother of Jesus.

Even on vacation, I can’t escape my characters.

So tell us, what is your next project?

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    1. I think a stand alone for this idea would be great, too; but I have so many series that I want to write. I know, I know, I gotta get the first book done first. So, off I go to do that.

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