What took me so long?

I was on a roll there for awhile, posting every other day, even three times a week. Then life happened: the garden came in, the AP conference loomed, preplanning snuck up on me, and before I knew it, two months had flown by.

And now I am embarrassed for letting my blog go for so long without a post.

So, here’s one for you. It isn’t tied to anything specific. It’s just to let those of you out there who were wondering about me, wondering where I’d gone, if I was ever coming back, that I’m okay.

I’m going to ease back into posting; I’ll shoot for one a week. Maybe two. We’ll see. I always have a lot to say just not enough time to write it all down.

Funny thing is that in the AP conference I made up a list of, like, twenty topics I could write posts on. And did I do it?


But, hey, today’s a new day. And though my life is still crazy busy, I’ll find time to do what’s important to me…love my family, teach the future, get my Master’s, and write.

See you on the flip side.


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