And here it is…BLUR cover reveal

The ebook cover, designed by Leslee Hare

The ebook cover, designed by Leslee Hare

The ebook cover for BLUR, Book 2 in The Elan Series is exactly as spectacular as I thought it would be. Many thanks to Leslee Hare, my cover artist, for this beautifully designed cover. The blurb is included below and the book will release on February 2nd, Candlemas. Leave me a line to let me know what you think!

Joined by an ancient magic, their love was predestined. Now, that fragile bond is in danger of being shattered.

Tara McAllister has come to terms with her soul mate being underage and a student in her class. She knows that it’s illegal, but legalities are inconsequential where the heart’s concerned. The soul deep connection that drew them together over the summer has strengthened. Just as she feels comfortable enough to dream about a future with her élan, a tragic accident threatens to rip her happiness from her grasp.

Derek Williams chose to pursue the one woman who made his whole existence worthwhile, despite the fact that she was older and his English teacher. Once he convinces her that they are meant to be together, he finally feels at peace planning their future together. Then one night and one misstep jeopardize everything they’ve built together and fought for.

Tara and Derek’s love story—the story that explores the balance between what’s right and what matters—continues in BLUR, Book 2 in The Élan Series.

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