And next is the frenzy of February…

I’ve been super busy these last few weeks–completing edits on my second book, BLUR; writing the first novella in the Élan Series, Whisper; outlining the third novel, BOUND; brainstorming for two new series; and preparing for the Indie Lights Book Parade. Not to mention parenting, teaching, spousing (I don’t think that’s a real verb) and many other things I’ve done that don’t have names for.

Prizes offered during the Indie Lights Book Parade

Prizes offered during the Indie Lights Book Parade

February seems to be just as busy, with the beginning of the month kicking off the Book Parade. Fourteen indie authors will be showcasing their works and their writing on my blog throughout the month. So be prepared for three or more posts per week starting Monday. Not only might you find a new favorite book, but the ILBP authors are giving away three prize packs through Rafflecopter. So, click on that little link in the top right corner and enter every day by leaving a friendly comment on each of the blog posts featured.

February is also the month I’m releasing not one, but two (!!), books. BLUR, the second in the Élan Series will drop on Valentine’s Day. It continues Derek and Tara’s story from ECHO, picking up a month later. The couple faces new obstacles, including a former lover who is bent on destroying their happiness, as they work toward a future together. BLUR is available for pre-order now on Amazon.

Whisper is an Élan Series novella that shares with the reader what happened in that month between the end of ECHO and the beginning of BLUR. Tara and Derek had so much to figure out and readers wanted to know what happened to some of the characters from ECHO that I decided to find out and share with y’all. I anticipate a novella (or two!!) to explain some of the events we don’t see in BOUND (expected to release in early summer), but that readers may wonder about. Anticipate Shadow and Caress to both be released over the summer.

Dianne, Jesse, Doraleigh, and Joey Williams

Dianne, Jesse, Doraleigh, and Joey Williams

I know more books will be written in the Élan Series; there’s just too many characters dying to have their stories told—Jesse, Dori, Hannah, the younger Williams children, and especially the Newman sisters who started it all. It’s great when a single idea, such as the simple story of a boy and a girl who must face the consequences of their actions, gets readers vested in the lives of fictional characters. So much so that the characters are like friends, the setting is a place you’ve mailed postcards from, the theme resonates in you and makes you rethink what you know to be right and true. The Élan Series is doing that for me, and I hope it’s doing that for some of you.

So, visit often in the month of February, meet new authors, enter to win fabulous prizes, and watch for updates on my new works in progress.

~Be blessed!

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