Deciding what to work on…

This is a short, little post because it’s on my mind right now: What should I be working on?

My upcoming stand-aloe NA romance

My upcoming stand-alone NA romance

I have a substantial part of a stand-alone NA romance, Second Chance, that is over 60% complete. I also have BLUR, the sequel to my debut novel ECHO, almost 40% complete. I’m torn between the two. Both are important to me, but I can’t work on both without becoming fictionally schizophrenic.

So, writer friends…how do you decide what to work on?

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  1. You’re talking to the woman who wrote an entire novel only to find it was the wrong one. So I’m probably not the one to ask. But I usually write the one whose characters are talking the loudest. In my head. Or outside it. I can never really tell which.

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