Meet Jesse Carpenter…

…the hero in my new YA series, The Supernatural Adventures of Jesse Carpenter.

Jesse Carpenter

Jesse Carpenter

Jesse Carpenter is the seventeen-year-old adopted son of Joe and Malia Carpenter, missionaries who have traveled the world sharing the love of God. The Carpenters took care of Jesse when he was delivered to the mission they were working at, helping to relocate Syrian refugees in Europe. At the age of three, Jesse lost both of his biological parents during their crossing of the Aegean Sea. They were fleeing the civil unrest in Syria and Jesse washed up on Greece’s shore alone but alive.

Jesse traveled with his adoptive parents, doing missions work and being homeschooled, until the family was called back home to the United States where Jesse is enrolled for the first time ever in public school. His unconventional upbringing, along with his abilities of persuasion and hearing the voice of God, make it hard for him to understand traditional American teenage culture.

He is now faced with uncovering his destiny while trying to fit in.

***Author’s Note: The Cutter’s Demons, the first book in The Supernatural Adventures of Jesse Carpenter Series is in the works. Please come back often to check on its progress. Or better yet, sign up for my quarterly newsletter (link is on the homepage) to get up-to-date publishing news, character tidbits, and a FREE ebook!***

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