A silent witness…

This month has been so busy with holidays, and family, and work that I let the Magical and Mundane weekly post slip by. I’m still trying to train myself to post regularly, and convince myself that I have something of consequence to say that others want to hear. So be patient, please, and check back often. Or better yet, sign up for email alerts.

So this week’s Magical and Mundane post–the holidays.

The holidays are a time of both magic and monotony, but this year was extra special as Christmas coincided with the first full moon in 38 years.

Not my photo of the moon (I can never get one that good), but still so mesmerizing

A silent witness to every little thing

I found myself in the front yard more than a couple of times just staring up at the night sky. I live in Florida and we’ve had unseasonably warm weather this month (yes, even for the Sunshine State) and to be outside at 8 o’clock in shorts and flip-flops just to stand in awe of the opulent, rotund moon is a gift itself.

There’s something about that milky orb–whether it’s crescent or full–that sends a thrill through me. I want to spread a blanket out on the ground and watch it travel the night sky as I dream of lovers whispering to each other, or animals taking their nightly feeding guided only by a silvery ray. Its silent mystery reminds me to be still and be reflective of my own desires, and needs, and thoughts; imaginings that I can barely formulate much less manifest. Yet, on a clear warm night, with only that ancient mother watching, I dare to believe everything I dream of could come true.

Then the reality of life takes my dreams hostage, forcing them back into a dire hibernation. I am again living a life of quiet desperation, awaiting the desirous warmth for change so strong that I’ll battle my own conscience. Logically, I know that I must work, to pay the bills, and have insurance, and the comforts of a first-world lifestyle.

Still, once a month that mute witness will look down on me and make me wonder, Is it now?

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