April 23, 2010 (Derek)

April 23, 2010

It’s kinda fun to send these feelings into Chey to watch her wiggle and squirm.  Sorta like my own personal revenge for her cheating.  She doesn’t know that I know about her feelings for Josh Stone, but still, she’s supposed to be my girlfriend.  And she’s not supposed to be gettin’ hot for other guys.  So, even though it grosses me out, I’ll create fake feelings for some of my male teachers and project them onto Cheyenne in class.  She’ll make a fool out of herself tryin’ to flirt with them and get them to notice her.  I’ve even done it with some of the female teachers.  Chey doesn’t know how to act then, getting’ all excited for Ms. DeWitt, with her blue-gray twisted bun and pleated granny skirts.

Dori ‘sees’ me doin’ this.  She’s a little pissed that I’m abusin’ my gift, but, hey, it’s mine and I’ve got to learn to use it, right?  She says that I might, how’d she put it?  Oh, yeah, “irreparably damage the order of things and lose my gift if I abuse it.”  I didn’t want the stinkin’ thing in the first place!  If I’m forced to have it, by god, I’m gonna use it.  I’m only sixteen.  What’d she think, that I’d mature simply because I have this ‘great responsibility’?  She even dared to pull our Noni’s memory into this, saying how ashamed of me Noni would be.   I think Noni would understand.  Dori didn’t know about Noni’s mean streak.  Especially when it came to those judgmental old biddies from the churches.

Anyhow, maybe I’ll ease up on Chey soon.  I just want her to know she can’t play me.

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