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For those of you who have told me that you get a little lost reading posts in my character blogs, I have written abbreviated backstories for the two main characters of my first novel, Echo.  The book itself isn’t quite finished (I’m pushing for a fall release date), but I’m trying to build a following before then.  If you like what you read, share my site with others.  And if you don’t like what you see, tell me so I can work to fix it.

So, here are Tara and Derek’s backstories:

Tara Grace McAllister is the older daughter of Rob and Jill McAllister of Franklin, TN.  She is a senior at the University of Tennessee, majoring in Education with an emphasis in American Literature.  She has a younger sister, Hannah Faith, who is also Tara’s Wiccan practicing partner.  Tara has been practicing Wicca for a little over a year as a solitary (one who practices alone) and strange things have been happening that she feels is tied to her practice.  She’s had dreams and visions that have come true which she believes is telepathy.  She’s also been having recurring dreams of a man she’s never met though she thinks he is real.  Her good friend Brynn, who was Tara’s first practicing partner, doesn’t believe Tara is having visions or is supernaturally gifted.  This has put a strain on their friendship in their last year of college.  After graduation, Tara plans to move back to Franklin and teach at a middle school.

Derek James Andrew Williams is the fourth child of Dempsey (deceased) and Joelle Williams of Jefferson County, Tennessee.  He works at Ingram’s Garage as a mechanic for his uncle, James Ingram.  Derek has three older siblings, Dianne, Doraleigh, and Jesse, and five younger siblings, Jimmy, the twins Jake and Josh, Jackson, and Darla.  Derek is also a twin; his sister Daisy died shortly after birth.  He comes from a line of mystics known as Actuaries that are born with supernatural gifts.  Derek’s gift is empathy; he can feel what others are feeling and can also alter people’s emotions with his touch.  He has a best friend Eli who is constantly trying to involve Derek in his schemes, usually having to do with a woman; and Derek’s former girlfriend, Cheyenne, still has a thing for him that she won’t let go of.  Recently, Derek had an encounter with Tara that triggered the Quickening, a psychic soul connection between them that he refuses to sever, regardless of his siblings’ disapproval.  Derek’s plan is to one day take over his uncle’s automotive business.

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