A Challenge: The Six-Word Story

Here’s a challenge to anyone who reads this blog: to create a short story out of six little words. I’ve recently completed this task in one of my online Master’s Classes and I’ve included my attempts on this page. I’ve also included some six-word stories from more notable people.

So, take up the challenge and post your mini masterpieces here in the comments section. I’ll check back regularly and thanks in advance for your participation.

MY six-word stories:

He thought of her, then jumped.

Take some time; think about it.

When I can’t sleep I fly.

“Do you?” Her reply was silence.

He said, “I do.” She didn’t.

In the end there was silence.

All As, one D. No sleepover.

Other six-word stories from more notable people:

Found true love. Married someone else. –Author and Screenwriter Dave Eggers

For sale: baby shoes. Never worn. –Reportedly written (source is undetermined) by Ernest Hemingway

Well, I thought it was funny. –Comedian Stephen Colbert

Good luck and happy writing!

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