Changing the Theme of This Blog

I’ve worried for a few months now about pinning posts on my blog that are unrelated to canvaswriting. I tried really hard to stay on the original topic of my blog, but writing is not all I do. I sew, I can, I coupon, I garden, and I prepare for whatever comes.

I daydream, too. That’s where many of my posts come from, but my musings don’t always run along the lines of writing topics. I think about what to can in my 260 Mason jars. I plan the reusable grocery bags I’m going to make out of the multiple rolls of canvas I received free at a give-away. I search the web for information about when to plant fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs. I find ways to make home remedies for illnesses.canning jars

Now, I am finally choosing to write about any topic that interests me on this blog. If this disappoints anyone, I apologize. If it seems like I can’t focus, well, maybe I can’t because I’m not just a writer writing about writing.

I am a writer with very diverse interests, and I will be writing and pinning posts that may be of interest to a broader audience.

So, come back soon to see what’s new.

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