Coincidence? I think not…

I strongly believe that loved ones from the other side are watching over us, providing comfort when we need it, nudging us to do what needs to be done, sometimes just giving us a sign that they are near and want to be around those of us that are still alive.

My theory about death is this: when we die, we go to an alternate plane. Some call it heaven, others Shangri-La, and still others Summerland; but whatever you choose to call that place where souls with no bodies go, I believe it is all around us on an alternate plane, just waiting for us to realize it.

Those that are deceased are invisible to us because we don’t easily accept what seems impossible. It may sound ludicrous that my Granny hovers at my elbow, dropping dimes for me to find, like she did Friday, but that’s her sign. Dimes are her way of letting me know she’s near. I’ve come to accept this. And on Friday, right at my breaking point over a situation with stubborn family member, Granny dropped that dime right in front of my car door. I found it lying there in the Publix parking lot.

It was her way of saying, “Girl, don’t you worry about that. It’s not even worth botherin’ with!” And I could almost see her wringing her hands, scrunching her face into a scowl, and huffing in annoyance for not wanting to talk ill of another of her grandchildren.

From one of my guardians

Granny wasn’t the only one who visited me Friday. I have a friend, Derek, who passed away in 2007. He usually sends me whiffs of warm cotton, certain songs on the radio at just the right time, and pennies; but today as I was thinking about the writing that I need to do on my novel I found his token at the Thrift Store – a metal ring with his name engraved in it.

Was it Derek or just coincidence?

See, that’s the thing – you have to pay attention to the coincidences to get those brief glimpses into the other side. They’re not really coincidences at all, but opportunities to connect with those who have gone before us. They are there, waiting for a moment to comfort us, still. And they linger around us because we loved them. Our love is what causes the “coincidences” to happen.

So, how do you know they’re near? You look for the signs, and be open to them. Think of what really reminds you of that loved one and notice when those items, or those sounds, or that certain scent presents itself. It may be your opportunity to bask in that affection one more time.

I, for one, am going to continue to welcome, and not fear, every chance I get to have my loved ones near me.

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